Monday, March 16, 2009

Fifth Thing

Okay, so I'm really, really behind on these "things." But, I just signed up for a Yahoo account, created a Flickr account and uploaded five pictures of the lobby and circulation desk at our library. I've used Flickr a lot to look at pictures from others, just never added any of my own. It was very simple and fast. The only thing that wasn't fast was uploading one of the pictures to this blog. That took much longer than I expected. Flickr has very good instructions; very easy to understand. I posted the pictures of our lobby because we are in the midst of planning a redesign. As you can see, lighting is an issue we want to address. Also, the big circulation desk is right in the middle of the room and it is round. This means that staff often have their backs to patrons. The lobby is the first and last place visitors see so we want it to be warm and welcoming and set the tone for their entire library experience. We're looking for ways to increase efficiency for staff. Paint, carpet, lighting, decorative artwork and posters will all go a long way to creating a better "feel." We'll split the desk so that staff can face the public at all times, set up self check out stations, and have two entrance doors and two exit doors instead of having two of the doors as emergency exits only. Checkout will be on one side and check in on the other. All ideas for ways to make this space more inviting to patrons and efficient for staff are welcome!

If you want to see the rest of the pictures, go here:

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