Sunday, January 25, 2009

One thing

I can't believe it. I am a blogger. Never thought it would happen. Today, I'll just set it up and think awhile. Do a little reading and a little musing about this project. Hmmm...the first thing I'm musing on is how to get back to this when I close it. The hardest thing I've had to figure out is how to edit a post once it's published. I read through the help section and still couldn't figure it out. Finally, I clicked on the right link and voila! here it is. I can now edit. If I can just remember how I got here... I've learned to add a picture to my profile, changed the template about a million times and played around with some of the fonts and things. Unlike my coworker, runnergirl, I do like to read the random thoughts of random people. It's the anonymity. It's addictive, like reality TV. Okay, one thing accomplished. I'm ready for thing two.

1 comment:

  1. I agree about the addictive quality of the blogs. I am a closet reality show junkie too!