Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thing Fourteen

I finally feel like I'm actually getting a little ahead Web 2.0-wise.. I already have used iGoogle! I set it up with some links to favorite websites, added a sudoku puzzle and changed the look around by adding different images. So, I set this up about 4 months ago, and then got disgusted with how long it takes to load. Now, I use Mozilla as my start up page to avoid IE opening up that slow iGoogle page all the time. Now, Mozilla is advertising its own version of a customized home page.

Created by OnePlusYou

I'm retiring sometime in October, so I found the countdown timer fun and added that widget to my blog. I'm not sure of the exact date, but picked one just to watch the seconds start ticking off.

Not sold on the list maker. I used Ta da list. I either can't remember to write a list, or I can't remember where I put the list. I guess my Ta da account would help with the second part. But, I seriously doubt I would ever use this. I tried to watch the video for Backpack, but got an error message. I'll jhave to try it again later.

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